Tuesday, July 1, 2014

On The Last Eve of Two-dom

Tomorrow, my sweet sweet boy will be three. Time seems to be passing so differently since Glenn and I had Tripp. One year ago we were: still breastfeeding (he weaned totally at 25 months), still babywearing, still in a crib, teaching writing and totally focused on ABCs, and Tripp was just starting to sight read.

This year we babywore until a few months ago when he hit the 33 pound mark (my carriers only go safely to 35 lbs), converted his crib into a toddler bed on Father's Day, switched him from almond milk to whole milk, are STILL obsessed with ABCs, reading several hundred words and spelling around 100 words, learning to add, and learning to tell time (not digital).

He's still not interested in potty training, he calls his bed a "big boy bed" but HE is not a big boy, he's still a baby, so trying to use the argument that big boys do this or that doesn't fly. He's still using his boppy (aka pacifier) at bedtime. He is such a mixture of baby and little boy right now. And I LOVE it. Toddler years are not easy, but they are SO FUN.

Tomorrow we're planning on going to the park, giving him a small gift or two, and spending time with him. The hubs took off for the next few days, so I'm pretty excited about getting lots of family time in. His minion birthday party will be Sunday, so we're holding out a lot of celebrating until then.

We had one of the best evenings in recent memory tonight. After Tripp's nap we:

  1. Watched "The Muppet Show" for a few episodes. Tripp decided he loved Alice Cooper because he had lots of skeletons.
  2. Made chili dogs and homemade french fries for dinner.
  3. Danced to Frank Sinatra while making said dinner. I danced with Tripp while things were cooking/frying and didn't need attention. Glenn took over when I needed to do something on the stove.
  4. Watched Despicable Me while eating dinner (Tripp's pick)
  5. .... and after we finished eating, Tripp sat in my lap, told me he missed me the other day when he stayed at Mamaw's, he loved me, and he needed snuggles.
That's a pretty perfect day in my book. I'm looking forward to what THREE holds for us.

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