Sunday, June 3, 2012

Pin-Up.... WERK! (and new furniture)

So, we've had an interesting weekend here at our house. One of the many crazy and varied "jobs" I do to be able to stay home with my son full time is teaching Pin-Up Parties. The first part of the party, I teach how to do pin up style makeup, including putting on false eyelashes. Then I teach how to do different pin-up hairstyles. Victory Rolls, Bettie Page Bangs, pin curls, how to roll your hair in sponge rollers, etc. Following that, I set up three areas in my home to do pin up style photography. And I take a ton of pictures of the girls who want that done.

Something I haven't mentioned yet, I have fibromyalgia. So days like yesterday really, really exhaust me and make me freaking SORE. The last party I did (before I was pregnant with the Munchkin) I did everything myself. That was a huge mistake. So I called for reinforcements for the party yesterday. My awesome and very good friends, the Diamond Dames (the Little Rock burlesque troupe) came to help with the hair and makeup class. My fabulous husband was my gaffer (fancy word for "light-setter-upper"). My Munchkin stayed next door with my mother and grandmother. I'm so thankful to have had the help. Hopefully by tomorrow I'll be back in the swing of things.

To make things even crazier, we had SO MUCH to do in setting up the house for the party, not including the serious deep cleaning that had to be done. The sets were our bedroom, our kitchen, and our office/library was cleared out as a "blank room" for various props. The bedroom was the easiest. Fresh sheets and a made up bed, clearing off our bedside tables, and making up the bed really pretty. The kitchen, I had to clear off everything that wouldn't belong in a 1940's kitchen and find a place for it out of the way. You know, things like the coffeemaker, toaster, electric can opener, etc. The office, I had to clear out three chairs, some plastic drawer sets, and my desk. This wouldn't have been a big deal, except on a trip to Sam's Club on Friday with my mother, I decided to swing over and check out this furniture the hubby and I have been saving up for.... and it was on clearance. So I asked someone about it. They didn't have any in stock. Just the floor model. So I asked what kind of discount I could get on the floor model, if I took that. During all this exchange, I was texing the Hubs to see if there was ANY way we could buy it now. The associate came back with an offer for the floor model... which was HALF OFF the original price. So I bought a beautiful overstuffed couch, chair and ottoman. All leather. All BEAUTIFUL. For $649.

Of course, the Hubs wanted to go pick up the furniture that day (I did, too), which means not only were we storing all the office furniture in the nursery, now we had to get a couch and a loveseat in there, too. Plus there was all the time of going to get a truck, then going to get the couch. Taking that home, then going BACK to Sam's to get the chair and ottoman. Did I mention it was raining, too? Thankfully, not enough to stop us. I was so happy we were able to go ahead and buy it. It's the best furniture the hubby and I have ever owned. And the first NEW furniture I've ever owned. Hopefully it will help my back, because our last couch was REALLY hurting my back. It was getting a little too worn out.

Now, I just have to go through a few hundred photos this next week so I can get all the girls their photos. At least I can do it on a comfy couch or chair!!!

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